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How do you communicate the power of two million volunteers serving 2.4 million seniors and touching millions of American families?

The research that went into developing the new brand look also guided the development of the messages that most powerfully motivate support from the general public. In developing the brand messaging, we set out to capture the national scale of the Meals on Wheels movement – and to balance it with the personal connection people have with Meals on Wheels in communities across the country. What we found is that the collaborative, open, energetic and grounded personality of the Meals on Wheels brand is very powerful in reaching any audience and in fully demonstrating our impact in communities and on our nation’s seniors.


The brand messaging is built on five major themes. You can read about these themes – and how to integrate the brand messaging into your own messages – in our Brand Identity & Messaging Guide.

Brand Messaging Guide

The guide provides a ton of sample messaging for Member programs to use when communicating with supporters, volunteers, donors and the general public! And, you don’t need to sign a Brand License Agreement to access the Brand Identity & Messaging Guide.