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1. What’s the difference between the Member Badge and adopting the full brand?

The Member Badge is an easy way to display your affiliation with the national Meals on Wheels movement on your website, social media and other materials. Download the Member Badge after simply entering your program information in a short form. 

Meals on Wheels America Member Badge

Adopting the Meals on Wheels brand means you will assume a logo that is a customized version to the national Meals on Wheels America logo that “America,” with your program geographic location. Adopting the Meals on Wheels brand includes a few more requirements than the Member Badge. Most notably, your program name must follow the format “Meals on Wheels Geographic Location” (i.e. Meals on Wheels South Florida, Meals on Wheels Central Texas, Meals on Wheels Jefferson County, Meals on Wheels Boston, etc.).


If you adopt the Meals on Wheels brand, you gain access to a slew of resources not given to those who only adopt the Member Badge, including: a gallery of free, high-quality photography of seniors and volunteers, the Meals on Wheels Print & Design Shop, Official Member Websites and the Style Guide & Graphic Usage Standards.

2. Why should my program adopt the brand?

When your local program or State Association display the Meals on Wheels brand as your own, you create a strong, instantaneous tie to this amazing movement – making your voices even louder and enabling you to better serve your seniors. Think: increased name recognition and, as a result, increased appeal to potential volunteers and funders.

Plus, as the Meals on Wheels Ad Council Public Service Announcement campaign asks millions of potential volunteers and supporters to step up and join our movement, you'll instantly recognized as a visible, trusted participant in your community.

3. Do I have to change my organization's name to "Meals on Wheels Geographic Location" in order to adopt the Meals on Wheels brand?

While your Meals on Wheels program name must take the format "Meals on Wheels Geographic Location" for your customized logo, you do not have to change your organization name if your Meals on Wheels service is one of the many services your organization offers. For example, your organization can be “Meals on Wheels Prescott” or you can offer “Meals on Wheels San Antonio” through the organization Christian Senior Services, and co-brand the two logos.

If your Meals on Wheels service or program name does not legally go follow by that format, you can file a DBA (doing business as) with your local government, usually your Secretary of State’s office, and send it to after submitting your license agreement.

4. Can I use the Meals on Wheels America logo on my program’s website, social media, event collateral, etc.?

While the national Meals on Wheels America logo is not available for general use, we encourage you to use your Member Badge or adopt the Meals on Wheels brand to display your affiliation with Meals on Wheels America.

5. I have my Member badge and/or logo files, but I can’t open them. What’s wrong?

The standard jpg and png files you receive from us are the files you’ll mostly likely need, and they should open on most any computer with a simple double click.

In addition, we provide design files in Adobe Illustrator (Ai) and/or eps formats. If you do not have a graphic design program on your computer (such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop), you won’t be able to open them. Hang on to those design files, though, if you plan on having a graphic designer create materials like flyers, posters, mailers, etc., for your program in the future.

If you’re unable to open the jpg or png files, contact