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The Meals on Wheels brand has gained some great recognition! When launched, it was recognized as one of the best in 2015 by Paste Magazine, a Gold Award-Winner for Best Brand at the 2015 Transform Magazine Awards and a Silver Award-Winner at the 2016 American Business Awards. Not only that, our website won a Silver Medal for Best Website at the 2015 Association Trends Awards and a Silver Award at the 2016 American Business Awards.


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The best evidence we can provide about the power of the Meals on Wheels brand is testimonials from Member programs themselves. At the end of the day, the growth of the national movement has to be built from the ground up, and the brand's ultimate measure of success is the degree to which it produces results for Members!

Meals on Wheels San Antonio
Rebranding A Meals on Wheels Service Under the Umbrella of a Larger Organization

Christian Senior Services (CSS) has a long history in San Antonio dating back to 1977 and their Meals on Wheels program is one of three services provided by the organization. As a multi-service organization, one of the main challenges they face is how to balance the brands of the three individual programs with that of the greater CSS organization.


In our community, an obvious disconnect existed between the three programs we run and the CSS name. At the same time we began to evaluate our branding, Meals on Wheels America released their findings on the Meals on Wheels brand... [and we] concluded that many of our rebranding goals [were] aligned.” – Woody Woodward, Director of Marketing & Communications, Christian Senior Services

In 2015, Christian Senior Services made the decision to officially brand its Meals on Wheels service as Meals on Wheels San Antonio, co-branding the organization name (CSS) with the service name, maintaining the history and goodwill they had built. Their rebrand included adoption of a new logo, a complete overhaul of their website and marketing materials, use of the Meals on Wheels brand messaging, and execution of a major social media campaign and new media strategy.

The results for the Meals on Wheels San Antonio brand were momentous when they launched! Some impressive stats include:

  • Website visits UP 76%;
  • Online donations UP 21%; and
  • Online volunteer sign-ups UP NEARLY 20%  and with a much younger demographic coming in!

Meals on Wheels Albuquerque
A Smaller Program Taking Rebranding Step by Step

Meals on Wheels Albuquerque had been using the same logo for the last two decades. They were ready for an updated look, wanted supporters to connect them with the nationwide Ad Council campaign and were looking to infuse a new energy into their brand and their program as a whole.


Our old logo had been around for about 15 to 20 years and nobody really knew what it was... we were looking for something that elicited a different emotional response. We also wanted to look like the Ad Council ads... we knew it would be a huge boon for us in local recognition.” – Shauna-Kessler Frost, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels Albuquerque

They took some time "getting their ducks in a row" and navigated the rebranding process step by step to work with their own capacity and needs.

  • First, they took inventory of everything that would need to be updated and secured funding needed for the rebrand.
  • Second, they made the decision to release their new brand in phases based on importance: going from external to internal. They prioritized the website, mailings, vans and other public-facing materials.
  • Third, they found a large-scale printer to save on costs.

They set a date for the logo reveal and used emails, Facebook posts and "clues" to create buzz around the new brand. On launch day, they went live with their new website, had a Facebook reveal with staff wearing their new branded shirts and sent out a press release and email to promote the new logo and website.

Their new brand launched to a positive reaction from their supporters, an influx of speaking requests and a completely reinvigorated staff ready to tackle any challenge!