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Hometown Charities are additional local nonprofits selected by the Subaru Retailer to be added to the list with the four national charities. A retailer may opt to add up to two Hometown Charities. Hometown Charities will receive funds directly from Subaru of America, based on sales and customer selection in their local market. These organizations might also receive funds from the local Subaru Retailer, as Retailers are given the option to “match the love” provided by Subaru of America. While Meals on Wheels America Members can be selected as Hometown Charities, all 2017 Hometown Charities have already been determined for this upcoming campaign.

If you're a 2017 Hometown Charity, congratulations! You can still earn Share the Love revenue by participating with Meals on Wheels America. 

In an effort to be equitable to all programs, Members that are also a 2017 Hometown Charity may receive a maximum of 1 share of the Meals on Wheels revenue generated in their state, provided they complete at least one qualified activity in each of the four participation categories. As with other participating programs, these qualified activities must promote "Meals on Wheels" and the national sales event. 

Sample messaging could include: "When you buy a Subaru through their annual Share the Love Event, you can support homebound seniors both in CITY and across the country. If you purchase or lease a new vehicle, Subaru will donate $250 to charities on your behalf and selected by you. Please choose PROGRAM NAME and Meals on Wheels America to receive the gift.” 

We encourage you to leverage all of the resources found in this toolkit to that end.

Still have questions about participating in the Revenue Share as a 2017 Hometown Charity? Email