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For the ninth year in a row, Subaru’s Share the Love Event is giving Meals on Wheels America programs an unparalleled opportunity to raise dollars and awareness for your community by once again inviting us to join an incredibly successful national cause marketing campaign. And this year, we’re improving the distribution of the dollars we raise to participating Member programs in an effort to reward those who actively contribute to the Event’s success. Together, let’s get the word out and partner with nearby retailers to drive Subaru sales this holiday season that will increase support for the entire Meals on Wheels network!

It’s simple. The higher the sales and the number of customers who select Meals on Wheels America as their charity of choice in your state, the more revenue your program can earn. This means that you, along with other participating Meals on Wheels America Member programs, have a lot to gain by doing as much as you can to encourage your supporters to purchase a Subaru during the Share the Love Event and select Meals on Wheels America! 

Only Meals on Wheels America Member programs in good standing as of November 1, 2016, and through the entire Share the Love Event are eligible to receive a share of the revenue generated. If you are not a Member, join today or contact for more information!


1 – Subaru will donate $250 to the customer’s choice of participating charities for every new vehicle sold or leased between November 17, 2016, and January 3, 2017. There are four participating national charities: Meals on Wheels America, ASPCA, Make-a-Wish and the National Park Foundation. In addition, each local Subaru retailer has the option to add up to two Hometown Charities to that list.

2 – As a Member of Meals on Wheels America, your program can opt to join fellow Members in rallying your communities around the Share the Love Event through retailer partnerships, awareness-raising events and other forms of outreach. You get to choose the level of participation that works best for your program, and can build on the same successful events and activities that you’ve done in the past or implement new, creative ideas. Remember, the goal is to drive Subaru sales and increase the selection of Meals on Wheels America when customers are selecting their charity of choice.

3 – For the first time this year, we’ll be distributing the funds Subaru raises for Meals on Wheels America to Member programs that help drive the overall success of the Share the Love Event. In the past, we spread the funding across multiple grant opportunities throughout the year, but a newly designed revenue share distribution will enable participating programs to more directly benefit from the fruits of their labor. Here’s how we share the love:

  • The Meals on Wheels America revenue generated in each state will be shared with the participating Member programs within that state. The more new Subarus that are sold or leased in your state during the Event, the more dollars your program has the potential to gain! 
  • Your program’s share of the revenue will be determined by your chosen level of participation outlined in a comprehensive Participation Level Rubric. The more you help drive the selection of Meals on Wheels America as the charity of choice, the bigger your share gets! 


This online toolkit is designed to help you participate in the Subaru Share the Love Event every step along the way, and we will continue to add more tools and resources as they become available. If you have any questions throughout the process, please contact our Share the Love Coach Allison Nalley at or 571-339-1620.