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To receive the minimum 1 share of funds through the Revenue Share, Members must conduct at least one qualified activity from each category below. These qualified activities are designed to help drive sales in your state and thereby earn you more money. Complete additional qualified activities to drive more sales and increase your earnings, per the chart, for a maximum of 2 shares.*

How much is each share worth? It depends on sales in your state. Get to know the Revenue Share model.
Graph explaining the Revenue Share activities list.


To receive 1 share, Members must execute 1 bullet point activity in each of the 4 categories. To qualify for an additional share or half-share, you may execute activities in any and all categories, but you may not duplicate a bullet point activity. For example, 8 Facebook posts will never count as 2 activities; only 1. 

Proof of these activities will be required in your Final Report, due January 12. While the numbers listed here are the minimum requirements for each activity, spread the word about Share the Love as much as you can to support the generation of revenue in your area.


  • 4 Facebook posts
  • 10 Tweets
  • 5 Instagram posts
  • 1 video posted on YouTube
  • 1 blog post
  • 1 e-newsletter article or dedicated webpage
  • Information on Share the Love included in your staff's email signatures
  • Mention of Share the Love (Subaru national sales event and local events, if applicable) on website

Public Relations

  • 1 ad appearing in print, online, radio or TV
  • 1 article or news story about Share the Love (must include mention of national sales event and local events, if applicable) in print, online, radio or TV
  • 1 listing of local Share the Love event on online community calendar

Stakeholder Engagement

  • 1 direct mail letter (hard copy) to donors/volunteers about Share the Love
  • 1 email to donors/volunteers (must include national sales event and local events, if applicable)
  • 1 printed newsletter article (cannot double count e-newsletter article above)


Events and In-Person Gatherings

  • 1 local event with Subaru retailer
  • 1 event that recognizes Subaru of America as a sponsor
  • 1 event that provides Subaru employees with a speaking opportunity
  • 1 event with Share the Love collateral distribution (This can include already existing events, such as your upcoming volunteer luncheon, annual fundraising gala, or even a meal pick-up/drop-off gathering with volunteers.) 
  • Bring thank you cards to Subaru dealer, handing out collateral to volunteers at pick-up
*If you're a Hometown Charity, click here to learn how you can participate.

Having trouble understanding what a qualified activity is? Email