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    Young Angela Curtiss grew up in Salzburg, Austria, during the 1920s. These were particularly difficult times for the people of Austria. The First World War had ended and the country had suffered massive inflation, unemployment and near economic collapse. Food was scarce, times were tough and morale was low. As a means of providing for his family, Angela’s father would trek into the countryside and accept food from the farmers. Hiding the food in his coat and cautiously avoiding the police for fear of being arrested he managed to feed his family.

    After moving to the United States, getting married, raising a family and settling down in Takoma Park, Maryland, Angela finds herself in a similar situation. At 91, it is difficult for her to get out of the house to shop for groceries, use the stove and prepare her meals. She now relies on the generosity and support of Meals on Wheels and the caring volunteers who deliver her food.