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    MS. MACK

    Ms. Mack has come to think of the Meals on Wheels volunteers who visit her through the week as her family.

    Ms. Mack has had a difficult life. She worked on a farm as a child and never attended school. When her family moved to Richmond, she was placed in a first grade class at the age of thirteen. Uncomfortable in a class with children, Ms. Mack dropped out of school and lied about her age so she could begin working.

    With no formal education, she worked as a housekeeper and maid throughout her life. Now that she's retired and recovering from hip replacement surgery, Ms. Mack has difficulty preparing meals for herself and often lacks the funds to buy food.

    She depends on Meals on Wheels for nutritious meals and for the friendly conversations that are often the only personal interaction she will have during a day. "You all take time with me, and that means so much."

    She appreciates the conversations she has with Meals on Wheels volunteers and the smiles they share. "Even when I'm down I can still smile, because someone is smiling with me."