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For any further questions, please contact:
Magda Hageman-Apol, Vice President of Education and Training, at or 919-533-6244, or 
Hannah Giltner, Education and Training Administrator, at or 571-339-1628.

1) What is the Meals on Wheels Leadership Academy Certificate Program?

The Meals on Wheels Leadership Academy Certificate Program provides senior nutrition programs with the comprehensive and focused training worthy of the certificate it awards. Leadership skills are critical in all fields and for all roles in senior nutrition programs. The Leadership Academy Certificate program curriculum is designed to give you maximum flexibility and meet your needs whether you’re raising funds, organizing volunteers, running the kitchen, creating awareness, managing finances or leading a program.

With the Leadership Academy Certificate Program, you will start by earning a Leadership Certificate, providing you with detailed knowledge in seven Key Competencies. Once you earn your Leadership Certificate, you have the opportunity to continue your education by earning a Specialist Certificate, which allows you to become an expert in one of seven tracks. Each Leadership Academy course is cross-listed as a competency and as a track. When earning your Leadership Certificate, you should pay attention to the competency listing; when earning your Specialist Certificate, you should pay attention to the track listing.

2) What are the advantages of participating in the Meals on Wheels Academy Certificate Program?

The Leadership Academy Certificate Program Courses provide:

- One-of-a-kind instruction tailored specifically for senior nutrition professionals;
- The opportunity to custom-tailor course selection, allowing you to direct the path of your continued education and meet your professional development needs;
- Hands-on practical knowledge, skills and expertise fitting to your level of knowledge;
- Opportunities to network and build supportive peer-to-peer relationships;
- Formal recognition of your commitment to education and professional development as you advance in your career.

3) What is the benefit of earning a Leadership Academy Certificate for me and for my program?

For your Program ― Earning a Leadership Academy Certificate will:

- Make it possible to sustain the quality of the services provided by your program in light of the growing demand of the elderly population;
- Give your program a significant competitive advantage
- Will help your program raise more money, operate more efficiently, save money by financial management, recruit more volunteers and manage time effectively. 

For you ― Earning a Certificate will:

- Provide you with instruction tailored to your needs
- Enable you to acquire hands-on and practical knowledge, skills and expertise;
- Help you grow as a leader and become a role model;
- Allow you to build supportive peer-to-peer relationships;
Achieve your personal career goals
- Give you the skills to meet the challenges your program faces now and in the future.

4) What are the requirements to earn a Leadership Certificate?

To earn a Leadership Certificate you must complete 14 credits and attend an intensive workshop* which will fulfill 3 of the required credits. To ensure that all learners actively develop and build the core knowledge and skills they need, enrollees must demonstrate their commitment to developing their full leadership potential by completing a minimum of one credit hour in each of seven Key Competency categories. You can decide how to fulfill the other credits needed for a Certificate. Each Leadership Academy course is associated with a specific competency, which are as follows: 

Planning for the Future
Relationship Building
Organizational Planning 
Business Acumen 

Fiscal Responsibility
Food Service Knowledge
Revenue Development

*Intensive workshops are only offered at the Meals on Meals Annual Conference

5) Can I earn more certificates after I have earned a Leadership Certificate?

After earning your Leadership Certificate you have the option to earn a Specialist Certificate. This Specialist Certificate provides you with:
- An opportunity to become a subject matter expert in a specific area of senior nutrition
- Continuing education possibilities to further your growth as a professional and become a leader in your field

To earn a Specialist Certificate you must complete 8 additional credits in a specific track. The Certificate Program offers seven professional tracks to choose from.  

6) What types of tracks of study are offered as Specialist Certificate courses?

A track is a specific area of study focusing on a specific aspect of working at a senior nutrition program. In addition to being associated with a competency, each course offered by the Leadership Academy is designated to a specific track. These tracks are:

Thought Leadership - Empowering your mastery over the big-picture emerging and strategic issues that most impact our field.
Management - Learning to effectively lead or direct people and organize resources to efficiently and effectively accomplish your program’s goals and objectives.

Development and Fundraising - Helping you build sustainable revenue streams for your organization.

Communications - Building relationships, crafting messages and building a brand. It includes all strategic activities around spreading the word, internally and externally.  

Nutrition – Mastering a broad range of topics related to food and food service operations. 

Volunteer Management - Managing all aspects of a running a volunteer program.

Financial Management - Developing the skills needed to monitor your organization’s financial condition and to ensure the practice of good financial management. 

7) How can I participate in Leadership Academy Certificate Program Courses?

Certificate Program courses are available to you in several different ways:

Live Training Sessions
- You can participate in Certificate courses at the Annual Meals on Wheels Conference;
- You can participate in webinars in the seven tracks; 

- In the future, you will be able to take online E-learning courses.

8) How quickly can I earn a Leadership Academy Certificate?

You set the pace for your own course of study. Once you decide to start earning a Leadership Certificate, you have to complete your requirements within a 2-year period. Specialist Certificates do not currently have a time limit, but this may change in the future. We encourage you to complete Specialist Certificates at an efficient pace.

9) How do I apply for the Leadership Academy Certificate Program and start earning credits?

By filling out an Application for Admission to the Certificate Program Form and paying a one-time non-refundable fee of $25. Once you have completed your Leadership Certificate, you do not need to re-apply to earn your Specialist Certificate; simply continue taking courses in your chosen track.

10) Can non-Meals on Wheels professionals participate in Leadership Academy Certificate courses also?

Yes. Non-Meals on Wheels professionals can participate in all Certificate courses, including webinars and courses at the Meals on Wheels Annual Conference. However, the tuition fees are higher for non-Members.

11) How long are live training sessions? 

Conference courses are either 75 minutes or 3 hours (Intensives) while webinars are usually 60 minutes in length. Course offerings will be announced on the Leadership Academy page, through the monthly Meals on Wheels Member Newsletter and through weekly Educational Opportunities emails.

12) How do I register for Annual Conference courses?

Once you have registered for Conference, a special email will go out asking you to sign up for the in-person Conference courses that you are interested in. Register today!

13) How do I register for a webinar? 

You can register for webinars by either visiting our Upcoming Webinars page or clicking the registration link in any of our Educational Opportunities emails. Complete the registration/payment form online and then check your email for a message containing further instructions.

After registration is complete, you will receive an email with webinar instructions and login details. You will also receive reminder emails the day before the event and one hour before the event that will contain this information. If you do not receive these emails, please check your spam folder.

If you cannot find your webinar login details, you can contact Hannah Giltner at or 571-339-1628.

14) Do you have a refund policy for webinars? 

Webinar registration fees are non-refundable for no-shows. If you contact us the day before the event, you can transfer your registration to a new event. Alternatively, if you unexpectedly have to miss the live event and have not transferred your registration to another event ahead of time, you will still be able to view or listen to the recorded version at no additional cost for four weeks after the live webinar date. 

15) How do I connect to a webinar?

After registering for a webinar, you will receive an email confirmation containing instructions and a link for logging in. To connect to the webinar, click on the link and follow the instructions.  If this is your first webinar, you will have to download the software. On most computers this takes no more than a few minutes. 

16) When can I log in to attend a webinar? 

You can log in to the webinar 10 minutes before the start time. Please remember to take your time zone into account. Most webinars are offered from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. EST, that means from 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. CST, and 12:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. PST. 

17) Will I be able to listen to a webinar through the speakers on my computer? 

A: Yes, you can use the speakers on your computer to listen to the audio. Alternatively, you can dial in to the phone number that you were supplied in your confirmation email.