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Senior lives are at risk



Senior lives are at risk

Pre-COVID, 9 million seniors in America struggled with hunger, 15 million lived in isolation and 18 million live in or near poverty. Our work at Meals on Wheels ensures the safety of these vulnerable communities. For years, we’ve successfully served millions of seniors who are unable to shop or prepare food for themselves due to physical limitations or financial difficulties. 

But the numbers are not on our side. 

Not only is the senior population projected to double by 2060, but the disastrous, ongoing effects of COVID-19 puts this vulnerable group in even more danger. 

Demand for Meals on Wheels has grown tremendously. In fact, 89% have seen an increase in demand for meals. Thanks to nationwide volunteers and donors, our teams scaled to serve 77% more meals per week and distributed over $28 million to local providers on the frontline of the crisis. This remarkable flood of goodwill didn’t just improve lives—it saved them. 

Yet as hopes of a quick defeat over the virus dissipate across the country, we must continue operating at full speed to save our seniors.


DON’T STOP helping.

For a community already suffering from severe loneliness and isolation, the dangers of COVID-19 for seniors extend far beyond the physical. Now more than ever, seniors need food, safety and emotional support. 

They need us. And we need you.

Find time in your days to advocate for seniors. Start a fundraiser, introduce Meals on Wheels to your communities, volunteer or donate directly to our cause. 

Whatever you do, don’t stop caring. Don’t stop giving. Don’t stop making a difference in the lives of America’s seniors. 

When good samaritans advocate for the vulnerable, our world transforms. Resilience can truly only grow in solidarity. 

Don’t stop now. 

Take action

DON'T STOP sharing.

Support their safe and dignified future. Share our video to inspire others to stand up and support seniors too.   

DON’T STOP caring.

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DON’T STOP giving.

Only your support can ensure that seniors get the care they desperately need.


We’re grateful for every corporation helping us ensure seniors are not forgotten.
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