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    While I don’t know anyone personally who has received Meals on Wheels, my great aunt Mary inspires me to advocate for older Americans every day. When Mary was my age, she was fiercely independent and a trail blazer—she was a buyer in New York City, and traveled the world for her work. As she has aged, Mary continued to be involved in her community, playing bridge with friends and taking water aerobics well into her 70s. Now in her late 80s, my aunt Mary is dependent on my family to help take care of her—she can no longer easily walk up and down stairs, let alone drive to the grocery store. Mary is lucky because my parents are nearby and can not only prepare food for her, but can be serve as her social network. I recognize that not all seniors are so fortunate, and that Meals on Wheels serves as family for many older adults who simply want to remain in their own homes. I believe in and support Meals on Wheels because of my Mary, and the Mary’s of the world who yearn for more friendship, safety and independence.