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Workplace giving is an easy, affordable, and efficient way for employees to make tax-deductible donations to charities through payroll deduction. In addition to empowering employees to support charities that interest them, it’s also an easy way to bring employees together around a common cause championed by your company.

Each year, workplace giving programs generate a significant amount of funding for Meals on Wheels America, supporting our vital work to empower community programs to improve health and quality of life. 

Together with our supporters, Meals on Wheels America is able to work with local senior nutrition programs to provide a smile, a safety check and a nutritious meal to millions of seniors in need each year.

Benefits to Your Company

By deciding to offer a workplace giving campaign, you are taking the first important step toward creating greater giving at the workplace and involving employees in meaningful work. And the benefits go far beyond supporting charities like Meals on Wheels America:

  • Inspiring employees to join in a charitable giving campaign is a great way to improve employee morale, relations and retention.
  • Featuring Meals on Wheels America in your workplace giving campaign is a great opportunity to incorporate philanthropy into your corporate culture and demonstrate your commitment to our nation’s seniors.
  • By incorporating workplace giving into your broader social responsibility goals, your company is seen as a good corporate citizen who raises funds for important causes, building stronger business and community partnerships, and goodwill as a result.
  • Providing an effective employee giving campaign builds a sense of community among the workforce, providing them with an opportunity for team building while sending a strong message that you care about supporting their interests.
Getting Started

Meals on Wheels America is a member of America’s Charities. Thanks to this alliance, Meals on Wheels America is offered as a charity choice in thousands of private and public sector workplace giving campaigns across the country each year. You can ensure Meals on Wheels America’s continued success by making sure Meals on Wheels America is included as a charity choice in your existing campaign, starting a workplace giving campaign featuring or highlighting Meals on Wheels America, and offering to match employee gifts made to Meals on Wheels America. Additionally, Meals on Wheels America representatives may be available to attend workplace giving campaign events (particularly in the Washington D.C. area) such as charity fairs and speaking engagements, and we can provide promotional materials and giveaway items as well.

If you are interested in participating in a workplace giving program with Meals on Wheels America, please contact Frances Abele at In partnership with America’s Charities’ online giving solutions and expertise, we can help you create a branded employee giving program designed to engage employees in giving, and strategize the best way to rally your employees around the care of our nation’s seniors.