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What's in a Knock?

A knock is more than three taps on a door.

It’s compassion. It’s care. It’s hello. How have you been? I’ve missed you. It’s an extra hand when you need it most.

For millions of seniors, a knock is Meals on Wheels delivering a vital lifeline keeping them safe and well.

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We all know there are good days and there are bad days. On the good days, our seniors’ minds are clear, their bodies are healthy and they can safely navigate the stairs, rugs and tubs they have lived with for years. Then there are the bad days when they can get a bit confused, health issues might flair up, they can even trip over everyday items that become health hazards. While we all hope these days are few and far between, it is not only comforting, but at times lifesaving, to have someone stop by regularly to check in on our loved ones to help them through.

The eyes and ears of a Meals on Wheels volunteer on our seniors provide a safety net for our loved ones when friends and family can’t be there to do it themselves.

When you support Meals on Wheels America, you're supporting local programs that do more than provide a meal. Their regular check-ins make sure seniors have a regular visit and watchful eye. 

Because if someone asks if they're okay today, there’s a better chance they’ll be ok tomorrow.

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Give to Meals on Wheels America to support local programs keeping seniors safe and well.

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