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The 2016 Annual Conference will build on the 2015 momentum as we connect with the experts, colleagues, exhibitors and peers who will further our thinking, teach new skills, offer new perspectives and share their plans for a positive future. Through three days of sessions, intensive workshops, keynotes, networking and the Meals on Wheels Expo, we will focus on these main topic areas to prepare us for the opportunities ahead:

Leveraging the Meals on Wheels National Ad Council Campaign – The Meals on Wheels Ad Council Campaign that launched in mid-July offers an incredible opportunity to thrust Meals on Wheels into the spotlight through carefully crafted public service announcements (PSAs) across millions of dollars’ worth of donated media. Keynotes and courses will focus on how to take advantage of the nationwide campaign and harness its results at the local level to reap the greatest benefit and visibility for your program.

Forming Vital Collaborations and Partnerships – Regardless of your program’s size, scope or resources, identifying and cultivating cross sector collaborations and partnerships is crucial to your program’s vitality and future sustainability. The 2016 Conference will cover a range of topics from healthcare integration to increasing revenue sources through local collaborations designed to make your program a stronger force in the community. 

Developing Business Acumen – The senior nutrition market has become more competitive than ever before. Meals on Wheels programs must adapt to this changing landscape by gaining a greater understanding of the current and future environment, identifying a diverse variety of funding streams, and focusing on data collection to measure outcomes and impact.