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Millions of seniors are homebound. Nearly a third of those who live alone spend almost all of their time by themselves. For many, the Meals on Wheels volunteer is the only human contact they have all day. One simple act of kindness can brighten their entire day. 


1. Invite them to join you for errands or coffee. We’re all so rushed, it’s easy to forget that everyday activities are great ways to keep seniors engaged.

2. Ask them to share a memory. You might be surprised at how colorful or meaningful their answer will be.

3. Play a game. Games bring people together and keep seniors mentally sharp.

4. Do a craft. Many seniors made things when they were younger and would love sharing their craft with you.

5. Visit somewhere they once lived. It can be heartwarming to visit a place filled with warm memories.

6. Listen to music together. Music makes just about everyone feel more connected and alive.

7. Make a family tree. Your senior will get to discuss important relationships and memories.

8. Have a movie night. Many seniors won’t see a movie alone but would love to watch one with you.

9. Cook a favorite recipe together. When we share meals, we also share culture and history.

10. Can't get away? Pick up the phone and call. Even a quick hello lets them know you’re thinking about them.