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You can participate in the #RespectYourElders campaign by creating short videos (or photos) that raise up the stories, smiles and charming personalities of a meaningful elder in your life. Below you'll find a few prompts to get your creativity going. Remember to post it to social media using #RespectYourElders!


1. Words of Wisdom

Share words of wisdom from a senior in your life. This could be advice or favorite sayings from an older loved one. 

2. Life Moments

Record a video that highlights what you love about an older adult in your life. That might be part of their life story, proud moments, fun facts, favorite things or love stories. You can even record them telling these stories!

3. Recipes

Record a video showing how to make a recipe that’s been passed down from a senior in your life – or record it WITH your grandparent as they teach you how!

4. Their Impact

Talk about why a specific senior is special to you. What impact did they make on your life?

5. Get Creative!

Follow your heart and share what feels meaningful about the seniors in your life, and why we should all work together to make sure they are not left behind.

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