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    Shirley, Meals on Wheels Client in Dallas, TX


    July 8, 2020  //  Meals on Wheels America

    Seniors across the country suddenly became burdened by new challenges when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Adhering to safety precautions and a fear of leaving the house made it difficult to access the nutrition they need.

    But even before that, Shirley was one of the millions of seniors who rely on Meals on Wheels as a vital lifeline.

    Shirley is 77 years old and lives in Dallas, TX. She loves her large print word search puzzles and does them every day. Three of her four children live nearby and stop by to check on her when they can, but now more than ever she depends on VNA Meals on Wheels to bring her food when family can’t come around.

    “I would go hungry if it weren’t for Meals on Wheels. I don’t go hungry at all because I know they are going to bring me some food!”  - Shirley, 77-year-old Meals on Wheels Client, says with a big smile

    A few years ago, she started to experience problems with her heart that resulted in the implant of a pacemaker. Additional health issues make it difficult for her to even get up and move around the house some days.

    Her son takes her to her doctors’ appointments and her daughter brings her many of the things she needs. Her family is one that looks after one another. And yet, Shirley still needs our help.

    With twenty-two(!) grandkids, Shirley loves having the people she cares about around her. She takes the COVID-19 guidelines seriously and has set up a sanitation station near her front door with gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning products for others to use.

    Shirley with her almost 3rd grade great-grandson, Denzel.

    These precautions, however, also mean that many of the people she typically relied on for assistance and to keep her company can no longer visit as much as they used to.

    Fortunately, her local Meals on Wheels program in Dallas, TX is there to bring her the nutritious meals she needs to stay healthy. They also provide a way for Shirley to stay connected during the pandemic.

    “I’ve been staying in and trying to be safe during COVID-19. And Meals on Wheels has been bringing me food. I depend on my Meals on Wheels!” - Shirley, 77-year-old Meals on Wheels Client

    Thanks to so many of our community of supporters, Meals on Wheels America has been able to send more than $22 million directly to the front lines of the pandemic to keep seniors like Shirley safe and healthy.

    We cannot stop now!


    Meals on Wheels is making sure seniors aren't forgotten during the crisis with telephone check-ins, community letters and even a friendly wave from the car. Read more here.


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