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    Nancy John


    We volunteered with Meals on Wheels in Roseburg, OR for nearly two years. There was a church that we used to attend that would prepare all of the meals, and we thought we could help deliver them! There were about 34 seniors on our route. At first, we could deliver meals rather quickly, in an hour or so. We came to realize that some of the seniors we delivered meals to probably didn’t have any family nearby, and we could imagine how lonely they could feel. The seniors we served were always so friendly. There never was a grouchy person on our route.  Soon, our route that used to take an hour or so quickly turned into a four or five hour trip! Some people would invite us into their homes and we would just talk and talk and talk. It was a very rewarding experience to know that we were helping deliver meals to seniors in need and that we were able to talk to seniors that might otherwise be alone.